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A filly named Peggy stands 21 hands (7 feet) high in the foyer of the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery.She is the unmistakable creation of the artist Joe Fafard, world-famous for his sculptures.And with any luck, Peggy will soon be a permanent resident at the Gallery.Part of the fundraising campaign to acquire her is a tour of Fafard’s foundry in Pense, a village (pop 532) half an hour east of Moose Jaw.So on a snowy November Saturday, we pony up a donation and tag along.

The 76-year-old artist isn’t present on the day of the tour, except as a half-size bronze sculpture waiting to be painted.Butfoundry manager Phil Tremblay, who’s been with Fafard forever, is an able stand-in as he takes about 45 of us through the half-dozen rooms where the sculptures are made.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of large and small works in various stages of dismemberment and development scattered throughout the foundry – a charnel house of body parts from wolves, cattle, horses, lynx, moose, sheep, birds …

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